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​Aaron was contacted by co-director Nicole Steves to produce realistic eye balls for a short film called Dogged

The link to this film has yet to be released and is currently being viewed in film festivals all over the world. We will upload this as soon as it goes live. 

Watch Dogged Short Film Short Film
Film & TV
Phantom Effects worked  on Phase IV with Dean Cane and Brian Bosworth, and also worked on an episode of Lexx which was filmed out of Halifax for the Space Channel (Viva Lexx Vegas). 
Dogged - Short Film
Always There - Short Film
In 2016 Phantom Effects was contacted by a group of local film makers to create a demon creature for a short film, Always There

Costume created by Jaimie Peerless. 

This film is in post production.
Beautiful Girl - Winner, Peoples Choice Award For Best Trailer
In 2010 MaXspeed ProduXtions teamed up with Phantom Effects to create this haunting movie trailer for a movie that hadn't even been written yet. It entered in a international movie trailer festival for Open Film where it was quickly endorsed by Robert Duvall and James Caan. They scored the peoples choice award for best trailer.

Special thanks to Greg Corbin and Cherisse Robichaud for their work assisting in the make-up.

Watch Beautiful Girl Movie Trailer
Concept Films & Shorts
Please click on the links below, some links might be broken momentarily.

Every Parent's Worse Nightmare
"Can You Hear me Now?" - Pre Movie Advertisement
Making A Trailer - IMTF iPhone Competition 
Promotional & Misc Videos
Aliens With Knives - Feature Film
December 2017 Phantom Effects was contacted by Winterlight Productions to create a few Aliens for a feature film that was being created. This dark comedy was created by directors Struan Sutherland and Nicole Steeves. "Aliens With Knives,” which premieres as part of the Cinema 902 series for Eastlink TV on Saturday, April 7th 2018.

Watch Aliens With Knives Trailer
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Grave Sight - Winner, Best SPFX 'Legacy' The Film Club Toronto 2020
In 2018 Phantom Effects was contracted to create a beast for a short film by Walter Forsyth and Angus Swantee. The story follows grave-robbing Tanya, with her precious hubby Preston in tow. They unearths a cursed ring and unleash a powerful demon hellbent to get it back by any means necessary.

Enjoy watching this comedy horror masterpiece. It's all fun and games until someone loses an eye!

Watch Grave Sight Short Film