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3D Motorcycle Masks
After purchasing his first motorcycle in 2015 and getting pelted by bugs while out on rural cruises, Aaron FELT the NEED to come up with a better way to protect your face from bug carnage without being cooped up in the full face helmet.
One of a Kind, Hand Painted, Custom 3D Motorcycle Masks
These hard-shelled, 3D motorcycle masks are created using the highest quality materials to withstand the abuse of the road while making you look 100% unique from every other biker on the streets. Unlike most hard-shelled masks, ours has your comfort in mind by adding in layers of dense, light weight foam and felt. The two adjustable straps secure your mask snuggly to your face while riding. The top strap rests on the top of your head, just under your helmet, and the bottom strap goes under your ear, behind your head.

Ladies sizes Coming Soon, stay tuned for more!
The cost of our masks varies depending on the materials used to complete the look and the amount of time, the average mask is usually $175-$250.

Some pre-made masks are available for purchase through Etsy.
Know exactly what you want? Custom order your own today!
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