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​In 2017 a teaching staff work-to-rule decision jeopardized the NKEC's theatre performance of Disney's Beauty And The Beast. Phantom could not bare to see this happen so we joined up with a team of dedicated parents, a few caring community services, and some very generous local business to make pure magic happen for these kids. 

After all... The Show Must Go On!!!
Local Theatre Performances
Phantom Effects has had the honor of working alongside some pretty impressive theatre productions here in Nova Scotia over the past few years. While working with the various schools and theatre companies we have had the great pleasure of meeting many wonderful people who have become family to us (you know who you are). Nothing is more gratifying to us than knowing that we might be shaping and encouraging our youth in their journey. We hope that we have affected you, as you have affected us... We are proud of you all! 
NKEC's Performance of Disney's Beauty And The Beast 2017
Aaron Peerless: Director, set design (shout out to Aaron's dad, Jim Peerless), props, the Beast's prosthetic creation and make-up applications.

Jaimie Peerless: Costume design, original set draft, graphic design (backdrops), and make-up for all other characters.
Mrs. Potts and Belle costume was created by Julie Skaling (shout out to her mother). Photography by Trish Robichaud
NKEC's Performance of Alice In Wonderland 2016
In 2016 we were called in as costume consultants for NKEC's performance of Alice In Wonderland, but with Jaimie's desire for ultimate perfection, she took on one costume after another until she was living and breathing Alice for months! But everything turned out beautifully!

Aaron Peerless: Make-up applications, co-made costumes with Jaimie for the Mock Turtle, Griffon, and shaping of the Duchess hat.

Jaimie Peerless: Make-up designs, and everything costumes (shout out to Katrina Salmon)!
Aaron Peerless: Prosthetic creations and applications (shout out to Greg Corbin), and Tin Man costume design and build (shout out to Peter Wile).

Jaimie Peerless: All other make-up designs, scarecrow, lion and witch costumes. Bottom right photo is a picture of Jaimie's first prosthetic application and make-up.
NKEC's Performance of The Wizard Of Oz 2015
2015 was the first year that Phantom joined forces with NKEC's drama & music department, and oh what an amazing partnership we have created together!
​In 2014 Aaron was contacted by CEC in Truro to create the prosthetic makeup for their upcoming performance of Shrek.

Aaron Peerless: Prosthetic creation and applications, and the building of Ogre hands.

Jaimie Peerless: Make-up and prosthetic assistant, in charge of hand touch-ups.
Edalene's Performance of We Will Rock You - March 2018
March 2018 we were asked to partner with Edalene Theatre Company to produce We Will Rock You, at Al Whittle in Wolfville NS. This performance ran for one weekend and sold out 4 of the 5 shows. With Phantom's edgy costumes, colorful makeup and epic props this group of young adults rocked the stage to the music of Queen.

Aaron Peerless: Make-up applications, prop designs.

Jaimie Peerless: Make-up designs & applications, and everything costumes!
CEC's Performance of Disney's Shrek 2014
Horton's Performance of Willy Wonka - April 2018
April 2018 Phantom joined forces with Horton's drama & music department to create a magical performance of Willy Wonka. This performance ran for two weeks and inspired all who attended!
Aaron Peerless: Make-up designs & applications, sets & props.

Jaimie Peerless: Make-up designs & applications, sets, props and costumes designs.

Adam Myles: Set & prop fabrication.
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